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 There is no doubt that after severe storms many roofs will need to be completely replaced. But depending on your roof’s age and condition you might not need to wait until after a storm. Your roof shingles and substrate may be due for a replacement long before the next weather event strikes. There are a lot of variables that a certified roofing inspector will look for in an inspection to determine if more repairs can be done or if it’s time for a replacement.

​Understanding the steps of a full roof replacement and your options is key to making an informed decision about the Jefferson City roofing company you will use and the results you expect. Roof replacement is not something that should be taken lightly and if you have a feeling that your roof is reaching the end of its useful life call Jeff City Roofing today and one of our certified roofing inspectors will show you exactly what needs to be done. Until then, read on to learn more about costs, options and the process.

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The basics of roofing materials

Your choice and options of roofing materials available to you varies widely depending on the part of the country you live in. Here in Jefferson City the most common types of roofs on residential homes and tabbed asphalt shingles metal roofs. Asphalt shingles are popular for how durable they are compared to their cost and metal roofs are common here because of resistance to weather and fire. The pitch of your roof and style of your home will also influence what material you choose to replace your current roof with. An example is wood shake roofs. Very popular with steep pitched roofs but not a good idea for flat, low pitched roofs. Whatever material you end up choosing, modern materials are many times more durable and energy efficient than their counterparts were 10 years ago. Below is a description of the most common materials used around Jefferson City for residential roofing.

Popular roof replacment options

Asphalt Composition Shingles

These are going to be the least expensive option for any residential roof replacement. They are very common, easy to install, and are relatively inexpensive. The downside is they are not as attractive as other types of roofing because of their flat appearance. 

Metal Roofing

The technology behind metal roofs has advanced a great deal in the last 10 years. We’ve come a long way from “the old tin roof” that many people imagine when they hear “metal roof”. That is not the case these days. Modern metal roofing is made of either steel or aluminum and have become very popular for their long life and exceptional durability. There are many styles available as well. You have the standard metal roof, raised seam, and there are even metal roofs that are designed to look like a more traditional composite shingle. The downside to metal roofs is that they can be cost prohibitive. They are much more expensive per square foot than asphalt shingles and require a specialty contractor to install according to building codes. 

Slate Roofing

This type of roofing is generally used on our customers primary residence. Very attractive appearance made of high end materials. It is very heavy and gets slippery when it’s wet. That’s normally not a big deal but those are factors that make it difficult to repair if it ever becomes damaged.

Clay or Ceramic tile

This type of roof is very common in coastal areas but you will see it every now and then around Jefferson City. This is the tile that we think of when we hear “spanish style” roofs. Though they are beautiful, they are very heavy and expensive. Clay tile roofs are being phased out now because there are new materials being developed that are just as fire resistant as clay but weigh less and are more impact resistant.

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We are Missouri State licenced, bonded, and insured roofing contractors. We value our reputation in our community and are proud to be A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Our first goal is excellent customer service so that no matter what happens to your roof you know that we’ve got you covered. As with every service we perform you get the peace of mind knowing that when you use Jeff City Roofing for your roof repair needs you will get:


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How to decide to do a

complete tear-off roof replacement or a second layer “re-roof”

It used to be fairly common to lay a new layer of shingles over an existing old roof. This practice has been banned in many counties and you should definitely check your local building codes before pursuing this option. If this is an option for roof replacement that you are considering, there are downsides to this method.

The combined weight of roof layers
This is the biggest, and heaviest problem with covering up the old shingles with a new layer. The immense weight of multiple layers may cause a structural problem for the roof frame. Also, by removing the old layer of roof shingles and damage or rot on the roof deck or frame can be exposed and corrected. If there is a problem with any part of your roof system under the shingle they will not be corrected by just covering them up with a new layer. 

Telegraphing is exactly what it sounds like. If there are bubbles, bumps, or waves in the existing roof surface, re-roofing over them will preserve and accentuate those problems. Not only do these problems reduce the total efficiency of your roof system, they also look pretty ugly. 

The argument for a cover up:
In almost every house we come across and inspect that has had a second layer of new roof installed over the old one it was done by a well meaning do-it-yourselfer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with tackling home improvement jobs on your own when it comes with a pinch of professional guidance but the number one rationalization for this method is that it was less work. True, when trying to completely re-roof a house by yourself, the tear off and disposing of the resulting debris may add days of additional labor and possibly thousands of dollars in extra cost. But when you have a well coordinated crew of professionals taking care of your roof replacement they can completely strip off an old roof and repair the roof deck and frame in a matter of hours making this an easy step that, really, should not be skipped just to save time. 

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